What’s Hagakure?

Hagakure means “hidden by the leaves” and is the title of a Japanese practical and spiritual guide for the warrior by Yamamoto Tsunetomo. The Book of the Samurai — as it is subtitled — consists of a series of short reflections giving both insight and instruction on a wide variety of subjects, in no particular sequence.

This newsletter aspires to the same mindset. It exists to help technology leaders at all levels to explore, connect dots, and grow. Everyone’s welcome, though.

What to expect?

1 issue per week, every Thursday at 5pm CET, on the dot.

My content won’t fix your problems — but it may give you mental models to help you think and apply against your own context and needs.

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Who’s behind this?

I’m Paulo, and I have been working for technology companies in Europe for a good few years now. In the recent past, I have taken engineering leadership roles at some fast growing startups and scale-ups in the food, travel and learning & development spaces. At present, I coach and mentor startup and scale-up engineering and product leaders.

I believe in the value of being a well-rounded generalist. My whole life has been about exploration and going for what inspires me. I do think that has served me well and made me a better individual. This newsletter is about paying that forward.

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